The Undersomething Special - GEM CD

In septemeber GEM (österreichische Gesellschaft für Elektronische Musik) will include one of my pieces from 2001 on their new CD (released september 2017, afterwards the piece will also be downloadable here): the undersomething special – radio/tapeversion 2:31 mix (commissioned by Kunstradio/performed 10.3.2001)

Guitar Pendulum At Styrian Power

Solo concert at opening of Styrian Power at Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt 13. July 2017 19h, my soundinstallation Guitar-Pendulum will be shown during the exhibition till the 17th of August.

Past Projects

this is just the index file copied from my old website Projects, concerts, ensembles etc. in chronical order from 2016 on an earlier.

About Me

picture seppo gruendler

Seppo Gründler, 1956, lives in Graz, main instruments guitar and elecronics, music, sound, media, tinkering (media, software, electronic devices…)

Old Site Moving

sorry dear visitor, this webside ist not dead, it just smells funny. Currently migrating from plain html to a new system (HUGO), will take a while, a lot is missing, some links might be broken. nevertheless You might find something here….