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Seppo Gründler, 1956, lives in Graz, main instruments guitar and elecronics
music, sound, communication art, tinkering (media, software, electronic devices...)
seppo@mur.at, fax:+43-316-5453-8601

day jobs:

head of master studies in communication, media, sound and interaction design - FH Joanneum
teaching audiodesign at FH JOANNEUM - information design http://informations-design.fh-joanneum.at/
visiting professor at Donauuniversität-Krems(sounddesign)


ALPENGLOW IV - Audioart Festival - Styria meets Croatia -  28. - 30. August 2014Pula, Museum of contemporary arts in Istria 31. August 2014 Zagreb, Zagrebački plesni centar
performing at parasite festival 22.-25.9.2014 Ljubljana
- autum concerts 2014 stockwerk and TiB


im Bunker - AUSGANGSLAGE #15 - BUNKER MIT AUSGANGSLAGE forum stadtpark, mit Ruper Lehofer
urban sound ensemble (USE), with Josef Klammer and Martin Philadelphy, special guest Bennet Hogg
urban sound ensemble (USE),with Josef Klammer and Martin Philadelphy,
STIO - Styrian Improvisers Orchestra meets Theater im Bahnhof
asyncronous memories,  aksioma - institute of contemporary art ljubljana 27.11.- 6.12. 2013
pivot quartett, with Josef Klammer - drums, electronics, Bettina Wenzel - vocals, myself - guitar, electronics and Martin Zrost - reeds , Dec, Jan, Graz/Vienna details follow
Zombie Woof, with Karl Stocker, April 2012, details follow
alpenglow festival in london, styria meets UK, 24-26sep 2010, coop with sound and music - early bird tickets here
knochen und raketen - soundprojection for a screenplay by Theater im Bahnhof, Vienna , 24.-26.9.2010, brut outdoor, Aspern Seestadt
sicher, Schaumbad Graz 8.10.20101 9h
vom dynamo zum großkraftwerk with Rupert Lehofer and Ed Hauswirth, in context of WARM ANZIEHEN, 26+27nov, 10+11dec 2010
conerts in olomoutz, vienna, graz, london, selzthal hainburg etc. 2009/10 (to be edited)
alpenglühn 22.-24. april 2008 colognue
membran Kunstradio- Studio 3 ORF Steiermark 30. march 2008 with Josef Klammer, Olli Pall
nomadic producers with Rupert Lehofer at TAG Vienna - 14. march 2008
Sontags Abstract Klammer&Gründler Duo postgarage graz, 12 march 2008 9pm#
tun was geschieht - live Koloniale Berlin BAR ART - prinzenalle 38 1.feb.2008 - 8pm -
process not produce - performance lecture Koloniale Berlin BAR ART - prinzenalle 38 - 31.jan.2008 - 8pm -
klammer&gruendler duo plays ”berlin” - volxhaus celovec/klagenfurt 13.dec 2007
klammer&gruendler duo plays ”DARM HAUT STROM” - 8 channel version - munich germany - 6.dec 2007
orgonworkshop - play in honor of 100 years Wilhelm Reich Theater im Bahnhof, Köpping, Lehofer, Stocker Gründler, b.u.t. vienna 9.+10. nov. 2007 - pictures here
knochen und raketen - soundprojection for a screenplay by Theater im Bahnhof, a styrian autumn 07 production, Reininghausgruende, pictures from rehearsal and performance
Ima Salon at Ars Electronica Festival Visual Music, Cecille Starr, Mary Ellen Bute, september 07
klammer&gruendler duo plays ”berlin” - muenster germany - 7.oct 2007
klammer&gruendler duo plays ”berlin” - wels austria - 3.oct 2007
darm, haut, strom 6 channel koncert with josef klammer, context menuett unikum klagenfurt, september 07
pd-hendrix meets the alzheimer trio - with Gernot Tutner - V:NM festival april 2007
perfomance with(in) pendel - a performance with the soundinstallation at ESC, 28 march - 07, 19:00
nomadic producers with Rupert Lehofer at improcup martinee, 11h 24. march 07
klammer&gruendler duo plays ”berlin” - echoraum vienna - 23 march 07
pendel - a soundinstallation with a swinging guitar, based on Steve Reichs piece and my minimundus ESC, 16 march - 14 april 07
ima salon #5 07 resonierende gedächtnisspuren, Transmediale / Berlin / Akademie der Künste, 31.1.07
darm, haut, strom - 6 channel koncert with josef klammer, context of grazer art award to Peter Hoffmann -25 jannuary 07
klammer&gruendler duo at austrian soundcheck 06, 14.nov.06, relese of new cd BERLIN
nomadic producers with Rupert Lehofer at IntermediateSpaces soundfile mono - nomadic_producers_ljbl_101106.mp3 [Ljubljana - 8.-10.11.06 ]
klammer&gruendler duo - artist in residence in - tesla , [ Berlin 7.10.-21.10.06 ]
ima salon lichtmusik with Cordula Boesze at city of women, [Ljubljana]
part time employee at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic, Graz (1983-2006)- http://iem.at
Minimundus revisited - minimundus, four historic media works as full working miniatures, [sonambiete berlin 2006 -www.sonambiente.net, 1.6. - 16.7. 2006]
the great score - part 8 - the netscore“ with Elisabeth Schimana, and all the outposts, on site - on air - on line [Kunstradio1.1.06 23h5]
umherschweifende produzenten, mit Rupert Lehofer, [Theater im Bahnhof 20.12.05 20h] - ,concert recording here, bad bootleg - mp3(32kb) of V:NM 05 here
anders hören, [palacky university olomoutz, nov.05]
graz-mockba-graz, exhibition, [dom im berg graz, 26.10.-4.11.05]
"the great score" - part 7 - 7 hours non stop“ with Elisabeth Schimana, [Musikprotokoll 05 Graz.okt.05 20h]
"the great score - part 6“ with Elisabeth Schimana, [Ljubljana, Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Arts , Kapelica Gallery 9 sept.05 20h]
dunes/durchzug, installation during opening of IMA -[Hainburg 4.june 2005]
Umherschweifende Produzenten, mit Rupert Lehofer - V:NM Festival 05 [ESC 25.may 2005]
"the great score - part 5“ with Elisabeth Schimana, [MAK Nite 26 .april.05 20h]
the pppanic lessons, with Karl Stocker, [ESC Graz 2005][fettleibigkeit video]
newoize, with Julean Simon, [Ruprechtskirche, Vienna 20:00, 6.march 2005]
gewebe 04 / memoria, with Günther Gessert, Cordula Bösze, Elisabeth Schimana, Andre Smirnov, students of Theremincenter, Iraida Yupusova, Lena Quadrat [25.nov.2004 19:00 DOM moskau]
anders hören, [palacky university olomoutz, 8-11th nov.04]
[newoize] - with Julean Simon, IEM- CUBE, Musikprotokoll, 24th oct.04]
sounddesign for "foyer" by Wolfgang Bauer, a TiB production, [steirischer herbst 04, list halle, premiere 8th oct.04]
minimundus, [ESC steirischer herbst 04, 5th oct.04]
"detector"", performance for 5 radiodetectors, live-streams, electronics, Kunstradio, [reinventing radio, Ars Electronica Festival, 4th sept. 2004 3h30]
"the great score“ with Elisabeth Schimana,[Ars Electronica Festival 3.sept.04 22h]
minimundus, four historic media works as full working miniatures, [Ars Electronica Festival 2.-7.sept.04]
public rehearsal "the great score" at K3 in Pischelsdorf 22.Aug.04, supported by KULM
"headscapes parochial", klammer&gruendler, concert for elektroacoustic duo and 60 earphones (from our famous "kopfhörerkonzert" - series, [Berlin 19th aug.04, 23h, singuhr - Parochialkirche - Turmsaal] old boys new noise [episode A]: Julean Simon (blaselektrik), Seppo Gründler (guitar - controlled electronic), [30.Jun.04 Stockwerk Graz 21h]
"the great score" with Elisabeth Schimana, [STEIM Amsterdam 24.Jun.04, 20h]
"fragmentierte fleischer", proposal for "festival der regionen 05", rejected, [pdf, german only!)
the wallisch hike (wallisch wandern) - Theater im Bahnhof [9-11.6.04 20h Rabenhof Vienna] (Wiener Festwochen, the dictionairy of silence)

&duo with with josef klammer - look under http://klammer.mur.at/
"white room", with Elisabeth Schimana, concept for an interactive multimedia installation and a two years programme in Kunsthaus Graz, rejected, PDFs (german only!, Konzept,Erläuterungen[may 2003]
Dunes III, replay update #5: , "The undersomething special", thinking about H. Bulls and P. Readys Underwater Special etc

"noise of 3" (with Josef Klammer and Peter Herbert),
"niveau" (with Peter Böhm, Corinne Schweitzer and Burghard Stangl),
Duo with Klaus Lang (organ),
GHIT (Gründler/Harms/Shinobu/Tozzi)

composed music for concerts, theater, film, radio/TV, computergames and interactive CDRs, sounddesign and installations, telematic works concerts in A, D, CH, I, SLO, CSFR, USA. soloconcerts.

all cds etc available via v:nm - vnm.mur.at

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