Sticri Orchestra in Pula an Zagreb

Sticri Orchestra in Pula an Zagreb

Styrian Improvisers Orchestra meets Croatian Improvisers

Pula: 14. Dez. 2018 / Karlo Rojc, Ljudevita Gaja 3
Zagreb: 15. Dez. 2018 / KSET, Unska ulica 3

A great bunch of croatian improvisers, namely Nenad Sinkauz guitar, Bojan Gagic electronics, Igor Pavlica trumpet, Hrvoje Niksic synth, Damir Prica sax tenor, Tena Novak violin, Neven Radakovic keyboards and maybe Alan Sinkauz on base meets the Styrian Improvisers Orchestra in a live event.

The Styrian Improviseres Orchestra was founded by V:NM Graz in April 2012 and consists of musicians from the Austrian Improvised music scene. It also has a certain amount of fluctuating musicians, guest artists, and conductors who are familiar with the language of improvised music.

There are roughly between 15-35 musicians depending on the theme of the concert. The instrumentation can vary drastically, but can include horns, reeds, strings, keyboards, percussion, voice, electronic and computerized instruments, ‘ethno’ instruments, or even prepared and self-made instruments.

Since April 2012, the STIO has performed 15+ concerts in their homebase of Cafe Stockwerk, and through exchange programs with the V:NM there were three concerts abroad, with Polish musicians in Wroclaw (PL), and also with Croation musicians in Pula and Zagreb where the collaborative orchestra was called STICRI Orchestra. (Find Videos of the concerts on the Styrian Improvisers Orchestra website.

STIO focuses on different themes like ‘Spoken Word’, ‘Soundpoetry’, ‘Prepared and Electronic’, ‘Film Music’, and has featured such internationally reknowned guests as Renee Baker (US), Rowland Sutherland (UK), Ivana Sajko(CR), and Alen Sinkautz (CR).