a project by Josef Klammer and Seppo Gründler The new city balcony on the banks of the Mur at the Radetzky Bridge becomes a stage:

Josef Klammer and Seppo Gründler have designed a performance with sound, light and text for this location. The Mur’s artistic surge is also reflected in the project name The banks are projection surfaces; different urban spaces are linked visually and acoustically. The libretto is written by Volha Hapeyeva, the Graz city clerk 2019/2020, and is interpreted by the actress Ninja Reichert. With his “Visual Piano”, media artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert creates live abstract light spaces.

Produced by Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark Permanent and temporary works by regional, national and international artists of proven quality are developed and carried out here for the whole of Styria. to the kiör site
and ORF Musikprotokoll 2020 The 53rd edition of the festival presents in more than thirty world premieres and Austrian premieres different approaches to tracking down and working with hidden sounds. The thematic approaches are extremely complex and range from the transience of digital sounds to the sonification of data and the alternating field between auditory consciousness and one’s own identity to the sound environments that surround the human body post mortem. their site